My Companies

I’m the founder and CEO of TechAbout. Under my leadership, I’ve created many successful websites winning billions of impressions every month. My company empowers youth and has completed over 1000 projects.

My ceaseless journey led me to the creation of many successful companies. This page will display a list of companies that I currently own. 

Under my leadership, several websites are running successfully and bringing breakthrough progress to the IT industry of Pakistan. 

TechEngage and WPArena are just a few websites that have excelled in the market competition and provided customers around the world more than their expectations. 

As the founder and CEO of TechAbout, I always inspired the employees and directed their energies toward greater success and prosperity. 

TechAbout has won three IT awards from the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi due to its trailblazing performance in the IT sector of Pakistan. I aim to generate more than $1 billion in revenue and 10 million job opportunities for the Tech-savvy youth of Pakistan and the world. 



Due to my entrepreneurial and business nature, I always embark on a new journey to explore new opportunities. 

I got the membership in Forbes Technology Council and was appointed as Co-Convenor of the LCCI standing committee on “Information Technology and Open-Source Software Promotion and Development”.

But it doesn’t end here. My ultimate objective is to digitize human potential through rapid digital transformation. To learn more about my entrepreneurial journey refer to the about page.

Growth Fund Companies

WP Designer

My company TechAbout supports more than $9 billion of assets and serves clients throughout the world. I boost the courage of young entrepreneurs and help them to excel in the tough market competition.

I always believe in the process and every time a setback hit me hard, I stood straight and affirmed. In my success, my father has played a key role and without his guidance, wisdom and practical life, I could never have been where I’m today.

I started my first business at 17 and started earning by running ads on my blog. That was a moment of Ah-ha and I invested myself in the Internet and technology and always showed readiness to learn new things on the Internet.

Throughout the period, I was consistent and focused and established my first company, TechAbout in 2017. This company generated a massive profit and helped thousands of tech-savvy youths around the world.

President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi hailed me with three awards starting from 2020 to 2022 for an extraordinary role in increasing the IT exports of Pakistan through my companies, especially TechAbout.

If you want to consult with me to become a successful entrepreneur, click the link given below.

Other Investment


These are minority stake investments that I hold by being a LP in various investment funds.