Serial entrepreneur, Presidential award-winning CEO of TechAbout, and a Tech enthusiast.

Running Accelerators & Founder TechAbout.

Jazib Zaman is the founder of TechAbout and has a dream to bring sweeping technological transformation across the country. To digitize human potential, J. Zaman has founded 100+ startups to empower tech-savvy youth. Millions of people read the latest technology news from his websites.

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Hello, my name is Jazib Zaman and I’m a Presidential award-winning entrepreneur. Under my tech-savvy leadership, TechAbout has won three presidential awards from the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi. Besides, I’m a member of the Forbes Technology Council and Chairman FPCCI Committee on Information Technology & Governance. I’m on a journey to digitize human potential through a digital revolution in every field of life.

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This is my personal blog which focuses on “connecting the industry leaders with Industry entrants”. Here, I’ll share my personal experience, industry knowledge and practical approach to becoming a successful entrepreneur and businessman. My sole motive is to create relevant, insightful and highly promising content to help you to succeed in your life. If you’re curious, eager and want to become a successful entrepreneur in life then this blog is for you!

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Jazib Zaman

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I’m the founder and CEO of TechAbout. Under my leadership, I’ve created many successful websites winning billions of impressions every month. My company empowers youth and has completed over 1000 projects. Take a sneaking peek into my well-known companies below:


I’m the founder and CEO of TechAbout which empowers the tech-savvy youth. It creates employment opportunities and generates humongous revenues for the growth of the IT industry in Pakistan. I’m on a mission to generate $1 Billion and create over 10 million employment opportunities through my business investments.

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I’m a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and IT expert. If you want to make an impact through your skills and help humankind to make this world a better place to live then you can work with me!



Jazib Zaman CEO TechAbout has a knack for speaking when it comes to addressing a crowd of industry leaders and tech-savvy enthusiasts. He can delight and inspire the listeners with an enchanting and powerful speech.

J. Zaman has spoken at many business events including the business conferences, IT presidential award 2022, Kuala Lumpur and others. He is also a frequent speaker at business and technology conferences and LCCI ex-convenor on the IT committee.

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My personal blog is focused on providing a practical approach to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I’ve compiled my professional experience and big lessons to help you to take every step of this journey successfully.


The Man Behind The Success

I am passionate about the tech industry. Being the CEO of TechAbout, I foresee a future in human welfare integrated with technological advancements. As a company, TechAbout seeks inspiration from the seven core values (Quality, Trust Responsibility, Sharing, Integrity, Passion, and, Simplicity) as set by David Logan in his remarkable book “Tribal Leadership”.

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