On March 8, 2022, I am beyond appreciative to have received the Best Presidential IT Award three times in the last three years. It is a great honor to be recognized by the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, and I am very grateful for this award. I know that it is something I could not have accomplished without the help of Allah, and I am thankful for His guidance in my life.


TechAbout is third-ranked in the IT sector in Pakistan due to its pre-eminent performance. The Presidential Award Ceremony was held at the President House Islamabad and attended by various members of Pakistan’s IT sector, dignitaries, and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce. 


This event indicates how much the IT sector in Pakistan has progressed in recent years, and it’s nothing short of impressive. It’s great to see companies doing well, but Pakistan’s IT sector is thriving. This event demonstrates the immense potential the IT sector in Pakistan has for continued growth in the future.

Federal Minister of National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam was also acquainted with President Arif Alvi and congratulated me for my excellent performance. Along with the Federal Minister, there were many other notable personalities such as Ahtisham-u-din Khan (Adv. High Court), Nouman S. Ghumman (Adv High Court), Ch. Shahnawaz Sura, and Shoaib Sheikh.


Group Photo of Best Performers in the IT sector of Pakistan with the President of Pakistan

Pakistan will lag behind developed nations like China, Indonesia, and European countries until 2021. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a wake-up call for Pakistanis, forcing them to realize technology’s crucial role in the world today. We live in a digital age where social media platforms are the primary communication form and businesses run online.


The award ceremony was also about commitment to excellence and contribution to the nation’s economy. Hospitals, restaurants, and construction companies are digitizing their systems to stay competitive. Pakistan needs to invest in computer experts, social media marketers, and website developers to develop its IT industry and introduce itself to the world as a significant player in the tech industry.

TechAbout is always striving to be the best it can be. With the help of its programmers, engineers, architects, designers, and content creators, it has developed an ERP system, CRM, hospital management system, accounting software, and International Tech Magazines. In addition, its team of designers, social media marketers, website developers, and creative writers serve national and international clients with outstanding performance and the most promising outcomes. By working together, TechAbout can create products that are both high-quality and promising in terms of effects.

Professionals at TechAbout brainstorm and plan strategies to bring rapid change in the Pakistan IT sector. Discipline, devotion, and constant hard work are the motto of TechAbout. Today, technology spares not a single part of life. If Pakistan wants to enter the forefront of rising nations, then it has to adopt the latest and most sophisticated technology. TechAbout is playing this role responsibly. It has professional nerds and computer geeks who know their work.


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From right to left: Ahtisham-ud-din Khan (Adv. High Court), Nouman S. Ghumman (Adv High Court), Haris Atiq (VP LCCI), Mian Nouman Kabir (LCCI President), Mian Rehman Aziz (Senior VP LCCI), Jazib Zaman (CEO TechAbout), Ch. Shahnawaz Sura, Shoaib Sheikh from Gujranwala, and Faisal Tariq from Sheikhupura

To raise the importance of technology, computer nerds and experts at TechAbout research, assemble important developments, and promote the important events of technology. Pakistan is a breeding ground for IT companies and eCommerce businesses. That’s why projecting a solid image of Pakistan is a vital part of the policy.

TechAbout is a company devoted to helping the Pakistan IT sector catch up to the rest of the world. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, TechAbout is leading the charge in introducing Pakistan’s latest and most innovative technologies. If Pakistan wants to be counted among the rise of new nations, it has to be at the forefront of technology. So far, I have made significant progress, and my team is constantly working hard to maintain this momentum. 

I have shown a solid commitment to enhancing the global image of Pakistan’s IT sector. President Arif Alvi highlighted the importance of the IT sector and how it is pivotal to Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

President Arif Alvi applauded the dedication and consistent efforts of my TechAbout team and me. As a result, TechAbout has also been awarded twice, making it the third time in a row.

This hat trick shows the resolve of the TechAbout team to implement the latest and most advanced technology. In 2020, President Arif Alvi hailed TechAbout with the Presidential Export Trophy, and in 2021 with the Best Software Company Award.

I am grateful to President Arif Alvi and expressed my vision: “We will take Pakistan’s IT sector to new heights of development by 2025. In a developed and strong IT sector, the potential for exports will exceed 40 billion, which is about 3.5 billion at present.”

I am proud to inform you that TechAbout provides financial prosperity and employment opportunities in the Pakistani economy and IT sector. Our team continuously works hard to develop innovative strategies and increase awareness of global technological developments to encourage the business community to invest in the IT sector. We are confident that our collective efforts will create a bright future for Pakistani youth and skilled workers. At TechAbout, we tackle projects and produce encouraging results.



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